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What I Want the Parents of My Students to Know

Published on September 3rd, 2015

I am a list maker and a note taker. I constantly have a list of things that I want to do at school, things to take to school and Summer to-dos. (There are many things that need my attention just to get ready for the first day of school!) It may not seem it by my desk, but I am very organized in my head! …Ha ha

I am on a tight budget for our classroom. Every spare penny has been used to purchase manipulatives for learning, books, rugs and extra bookcases…Anything that will bring warmth and brightness to my classroom. I am always, always grateful for your hand-me-downs. Please think of me when you clean closets and toy rooms!

School hours don’t provide enough time to finish the job I’ve been given. Tracing, cutting, lesson plans, copying, etc. are always the leftover work. Anything you can do to help, would be greatly appreciated. This leaves more time for me to do the important things-spending time with your children!

I am only human. I will make mistakes. Approach me with kindness, and I will right my wrongs. I am in desperate need of grace. If I don’t immediately respond to an email or a phone call, it may be because I want to have all the information I need to give you all the information you need. Give me time, I am a woman of my word and I will get back with you.

Even if I sang every lesson while doing cartwheels dressed like my favorite book character, some students still won’t pay attention. I can beg. I can bribe. I can cry. Yet, society tells me I’m responsible for every student who fails. Every single one.  This I wear, like a weight around my neck.

I feel responsible for the next generation in mind-blowing ways. I sense its weight each time I step into my classroom. I understand—really understand—how great the task is that lies before me. The question “Am I making a difference?” is a constant.

This isn’t just a job for me, it’s a calling. Every day I am called all over again to do what I can for these children. I know my job is worth it. I know this in the way I know my students are worth every ounce of effort in my body. And when I see the light behind their eyes? I know they’ve got it. This role is serious.  When my students get it? I can smile.

Because really, I’m teaching them about life. Each day. Everything we teach is really a lesson about life. How we’re connected. How we’re living. How we’re breathing. I want them to be successful for life!

And you must know, you absolutely must know—I pray for my students. Their hurts are my hurts, their hurts break my heart. I know there is only One who has the power to heal souls.

I love your sons and daughters. And while their need for education may be the reason they are here, my deepest desire is that my students know they are loved. This is my goal.  They will be hugged and held frequently, we will love them as our own.

And they will know Jesus by my love. I will love them because He first loved me. I will be His light in their darkness. And because I love your sons and daughters, they will learn. They will learn all that matters in this life. They will learn because they are loved.

By this, all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.
(John 13:35)

I ask that as you get to know me as a teacher & friend, that you remember to pray for me as I take on this important task.

God Bless you!

Karen Katchuk

A loving learning center where each child is a special gift.

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