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Additional Authorized Pick Ups

Please use this form to add anyone who might check your child in or out in addition to the emergency contacts you provided in the student emergency contact form. This might be another grandparent who helps with pick-up or morning transportation, an aunt or uncle, another child’s parent who might occasionally give your child a ride home, etc.

Note for parents of new students:

Even if you have no additional authorized pick-ups for us to add – please complete this form so we know you don’t need to add anyone (fill-in your child’s name, then select “No, not at this time” to answer the first question.) This will help tremendously – Thank you!

Note for returning students:

Your additional authorized pickups already listed in your child’s Brightwheel account will stay in the system – you do not need to re-enter them here. If you have no additional authorized pick-ups to add, please select “No, not at this time” to the first question and submit.

Other Notes Regarding Authorized Pick-Ups

  • Brightwheel will assign a 4-digit code to each authorized pick-up. It is not a code assigned to the child, but to each adult. This ensures that the preschool can accurately pinpoint whose care the child is under at each point in the school day.
  • Please note that the Brightwheel system needs a unique email and cell phone number for each authorized pick-up. (In other words, if grandma and grandpa share an email address, the same email address cannot be given for them both as authorized pick-ups.)
  • Once a person’s information is added to your child’s Brightwheel profile as an authorized pick-up, they will be sent an invitation to join Brightwheel, and a 4-digit code will be assigned to them. If the person downloads the app, they will be able to find their assigned code there. If they do not download the app, we can look up the code and provide it to you for them ahead of time. We can also assist them with check-in or -out through a tablet or administrator app.