Philosophy & Goals

Cathedral Preschool is one of the many services (ministries) offered to the Owensboro-Daviess County community by Saint Stephen Cathedral Parish. The program is designed to complement the role of Christian parents in their important task of providing for the development of their child and introducing the child to their Christian heritage.

All areas of a child’s development are interrelated, so our program is designed to stimulate growth and learning in all areas – physical, spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual. Young children learn through “hands-on” activities, many of which are perceived as “play” through the eyes of adults. Children do not need to be forced to learn. They are motivated by their natural curiosity and desire to make sense of their world. Learning that is useful and meaningful will be retained.

A sense of God develops along with a child’s understanding of self and discovery of order in the world. They have a natural wonder of God and His creation. In a loving atmosphere of security and trust, the school has the opportunity to show the child through carefully planned activities and experiences that he/she is special, not only in their own family, but in God’s family (the community) as well. Preschool helps the transition from home to school.

Research findings indicate that the best years of a child’s learning life occur before the age of six. Their intelligence grows as much in the first four years of life as in the next thirteen. Preschool can enhance this early learning, but it is only a beginning. It is not kindergarten or first grade. We should not expect perfection without practice. It is more important to pave the way for children to want to know then to put them on a diet of facts that they are not ready to assimilate.

Each child is unique, gifted by God with his/her potential, which unfolds and develops with the proper nurturing. The goal of our preschool is to help children experience success at their own individual level of ability and development, to feel loved and respected and thus gain a positive self-image. The most important accomplishment of preschool is a happy child who is excited about life and learning, and who is eager to come to school.